What is the perfect amount?

They say, don’t sleep too much, you need more time to strive for success.

They say, don’t speak too much, you need to listen more.

They say, don’t be too nice, they would walk all over you.

They say, don’t take life too seriously, you will never get out of it alive.

So, what is the perfect amount?

If you get to know me, you might think I am too nice. But, if someone else gets to know me, he/she might think I am too mean.

I sleep 5-7 hours on average, it might be too much for someone who believes 4 hours of sleep is more than enough. But my parents think I don’t sleep enough.

First thing first, the perfect amount doesn’t exist with others’ standards, but it does according to my standard. I just need to seek what feels the best for myself. And so do you.

I like to watch TV shows, drink beer, and play games. Someone might think these activities will waste your time, and I thought so too for the longest time. Then, I would feel guilty when I do those things that I enjoy. Let me tell you, you can’t fully appreciate what you love to do when you feel guilty doing it. I learned to let myself enjoy myself to the fullest with no regrets or guilt by telling myself that I am completely fine with what you are doing. This might not be the case for people who can’t stop playing games even though their kids are starving. I didn’t say it is easy to find that balance for yourself but don’t think your pleasure is a mistake.

So, you are the only one who can determine that perfect amount, and you need to find that balance in life to not feel guilty. I believe that everything in moderation is good for you.

Yeah, I am gonna continue sipping with my friends and talking about life, I am gonna continue watching my shows and animes until I am 80 years old. It’s my life, only I can enjoy the way I like. Till next time.

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