Why I love hiking…

I climbed on to this huge rock at the peak of the mountain, the wind was blowing just the right speed to cool me down from the hike. I get up there, and the sun is low enough where it doesn’t hurt my eyes to look at. Under my eyes, there is the valley, full of trees and rocks; there was the river flowing and reflecting the light from the setting sun. I took a deep breath and took it all in like the air I was breathing in was the freshest. My heart opened a little like this scenery made everything in my life so insignificant; I smile just because of the beauty in front of my eyes. The thought always comes at this moment. All of these trees, mountains, rivers, rocks, and dirt have been here for as long as there is, and they will be here for as long as there will be long after I am gone. And here I stand admiring you for this split second, then I will move on with my life. But all of this will remain where it is. The time I spend here on earth is so short compare to you, the hardship I experience is little compare to the changing seasons you have experienced. Why am I so concerned about things that are so insignificant… Seeing all of it reminds me of how connected we should be and how disconnected we always are. That’s why I love to go hiking, to shift my focus on something bigger than myself.

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