2021 is not over yet!

Ok, People! 2021 is not over yet! I know it’s November already, we only have one and a half months left, but it’s not over yet! You still have time to accomplish as much as you intended from the beginning of the year! I still have 10 pounds to lose, and I haven’t given up yet! I am going to do it! I hate how we are planning for next year’s goals already. We are still in 2021, if that even matters. Every day is a new day, isn’t it? We don’t need a new year to change, right? Yeah! And I still need to meet ten more guys from my dating app, as I promised my cousin. HAHAHA

I have been single for a while due to many reasons, but I am back on the market now. Don’t’ Judge! I AM putting myself out there. Who doesn’t want love? Who doesn’t want someone you can share your life and everything with? I do! I admit, it hasn’t been easy for me. But I am putting effort into this because I want a big happy family instead of just me alone in my condo with my cats. Hey! There’s nothing wrong with being with my cats, I love them, and they love me! I do want someone, a special someone~ It’s fate, but I am putting effort into this now, hint: being on a dating app… Wish me luck!

My long-term neighbor talked about his math class with me recently, and it got me to think about life in general. I know, it’s a far fetch. Bear with me, he was talking about how calculus 2 and 3 made no sense until he got to calculus 4. It made me think of life in general, and we try to figure out certain things when we haven’t even experienced it. How crazy is that? How are we ever going to figure that out? Nothing makes sense to me right now, but it will all make sense one day, like how the past makes so much sense now.

As a matter of fact, I do enjoy my life right now. I have been really into cooking lately! Made some delicious awesome meals for myself. I will share some photos below! I kept my condo cozy and clean, and I do enjoy this alone and carefree life I have! I can get into any hobbies; I can hop on a plane any day to go anywhere! But it’s funny how life seems missing something when I am just all alone… I want a family of my own. I want someone with who I can share my happiness with… At the end of the day, Happiness is only real when shared. I want to share my happiness with someone who gets me for who I am. Someone who I can connect with for truly who we are. I have hope that I will find someone like that. He is out there somewhere.

Ok, people, this might sound a bit depressing! Don’t get me wrong, I am happy alone! I don’t feel lonely, but I am ready for my MR. RIGHT. 2021 is not over yet, and I still hope to accomplish all my goals by the end of the year! I hope you are too! Till next time~



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