What makes life worth living?

Have you ever thought about the meaning of life?

Why are we chasing dreams and popping out babies? Is it a pure animal instinct?

Do you know your great-grandparents? Remember your ancestors? Thought about how many people have been on this earth before you? And know that you won’t be remembered in another 100 years? What makes you keep going? What drives you to do your best to push forward day after day? Knowing that nothing matters at the end of the day…

Like I said before, we didn’t choose to be here, and we don’t get to choose where we will be going. Are our lives predetermined by GOD? Are we really making choices in life? If everything is predetermined, do we really have free will? I don’t know about you, I think about this all the time.

There will be days I don’t see the purpose of what I am doing, the purpose of my exitance. There are also days I cherish the simple fact that I am breathing. This rollercoaster of feelings makes me wonder if others feel the same way.

I have no memory of billions of years of history and cannot foresee the future. The short time I am here on earth is everything I will experience; this I know for sure. I know I am not perfect, nor will I ever be. I know my life will not be all smooth sailing, nor that I want it to be. But, I know my drive is the people I love and every life I encounter. And my goal in life is to discover who I am and be a better version of myself one day after another.

Believe that you are unique and powerful and can be anything you want to be! But also know that you are so insignificant and faulty, and nothing matters at the end of the day. Compare to everything that goes on in your life, you have such little control of it, so don’t let what you can control get to your head and make you forget what is really important in your life.

I am not jealous of people with a lot of money, fame, power, or popularity. Cause pure happiness does not come from any of that. Find yourself, and find out what makes life worth living for you. Then live your life to the fullest, don’t care about what others think. This life is yours, it is more yours than the clothes you wear, and the way you live is even more yours than the face you see in the mirror. Don’t let those unnecessary things and people determine what you are and who you are. Close your eyes, and look inside! Face your true self and find your true happiness!




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